Over the past few decades, Chris has had great privilege to influence thousands of individuals. It all began with his appearance on a few reality TV shows, MTV Road Rules, and MTV Battle of The Sexes. The TV platform was a great springboard for Chris that opened up several future opportunities. Wanting to serve his community, Chris joined arms with a few different non-profits, and for over 7 years he served at one of the largest, most innovative, and fastest growing nonprofits in the country.

In 2015 Chris noticed the shifting retail market and decided he wanted to build an eCommerce empire. Making no excuses, while building his business at night, and with very minimal funds, he built a multi-million dollar eCommerce business in less than three years. He learned to leverage the power of the Amazon platform and has expanded his business across seven different international markets. Because of his success, Chris was asked to teach an eCommerce course with StartupCamp, an online platform teaching entrepreneurs how to launch an effective business. He gladly accepted, and in addition to his eCommerce business, Chris now leads as the CEO of StartupCamp and the host for The StartupCamp Podcast.

Chris has a sincere gift for communication, and he is very passionate about leadership, entrepreneurship, faith, and family. He is driven by helping others journey from living an average life to living their life to the fullest. Most importantly, Chris is a devoted husband to Jenni, and wonderful father to his 5 amazing children.