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Amazon is exploding. Our step-by-step blueprint makes it easy to create your own passive income business and get in on the boom.

Chris Graebe and Jamie Vie

Our Amazon Coaches have walked in your shoes.

Chris and Jamie were stuck in the 9-5 grind when they started learning to sell on Amazon. They’ve since made $4 million on the platform—and think you can do even better.

When Chris & Jamie Started on Amazon:

College Degree: Chris Jamie
Bank Loan: Chris Jamie
Ample Free Time: Chris Jamie
Plenty of Doubters: Chris Jamie

Become an Expert Amazon Seller

Easy-to-follow classes and a curriculum that leaves nothing out.

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Want to know what class is like?

Sneak a peek into Class 3:
Product Selection

The Building Blocks of Your Amazon Business

We’ve organized everything you need for your Amazon business into seven clear steps. Check out the classes below to see exactly what you’ll be learning and doing.

Class 1

Understand Amazon,
eCommerce, and how
you can win

  • Find Your Driving Force
  • Self-Awareness & Mindset
  • Unpacking eCommerce

4 Class Videos

6 Q&A Videos

10 videos

Class 2

Find the right product
(and funding it)

  • Which type of funding works for you
  • What’s the right amount of startup capital
  • Finding winning products
  • Jungle Scout - your new best friend

6 Class Videos

15 Q&A Videos

2 Tutorial Videos

23 videos

Class 3

Find your best-fit supplier and creating your product

  • Where to find suppliers
  • Navigating the supplier relationship
  • Costs & Profit Calculations
  • Creating samples with your supplier

6 Class Videos

12 Q&A Videos

2 Tutorial Videos

20 videos

Class 4

Build a brand that is legit, trusted and celebrated

  • Brand and Buyer Persona
  • Company Name, Logo, & Social Media
  • Business Creation & Incorporation
  • Accounting and Taxes

6 Class Videos

9 Q&A Videos

1 Tutorial Videos

16 videos

Class 5

Ship, store and list your products

  • Shipping & Storage Options
  • Setting up your Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Listing Creation
  • Keywords & Pay-Per-Click Advertising

6 Class Videos

9 Q&A Videos

7 Tutorial Videos

22 videos

Class 6

Launch your product
(with a bang)

  • Strategies to get your product airborne
  • Launch Checklist
  • Spreading the word
  • Giveaways

5 Class Videos

10 Q&A Videos

2 Tutorial Videos

17 videos

Class 7

Perfect the process and repeat

  • What happens after your launch
  • Tweaking your listings
  • Customer engagement
  • Trademarks, Brand Registry, Enhanced Branding
  • Working through Seller Central backend

6 Class Videos

6 Q&A Videos

7 Tutorial Videos

19 videos

The 3 Keys to Your Success

We built our course differently to ensure your business crosses the finish line.


You have questions.
We have your answers.

We packed our classes with 80+ video Q&A from real students, so you can get immediate answers to your most pressing concerns.

Check out a few sample Q&A videos to the right.

Check out a real tutorial right here!


We don't just tell you.

With over-the-shoulder tutorials and
in-depth study guides for every class.

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Get direct access to Chris and Jamie in their private Mastermind Group.

Talk through solutions to your toughest problems with live Q&A calls, coaching check-ins, and one-on-one coaching opportunities.
BONUS: Get 6 months of mastermind access FREE with New Member Savings!

Drew Rodgers Testimonial

What AMZ Millionaire members are saying...

"This course was about as real, truthful, and authentic as they come. The insight, encouragement, and community was top notch. I’d been searching for something that would earn me extra income for my growing family. This class has brought me the community, accountability and knowledge that I needed.

I’m really grateful to Chris and his crew that has encouraged me and taught me. I would highly recommend!”

Drew Rodgers

Matthew Sapp Testimonial

What AMZ Millionaire members are saying...

“Chris has made this course easy to follow. He took a lot of concepts that may be really difficult—that may take years and years to learn—and consolidated it where you learn it in a series of classes. It helped me get around a lot of pitfalls that I would’ve fallen into.”

Matthew Sapp

Kaleigh Cheslock Testimonial

What AMZ Millionaire members are saying...

“I’ve always had a dream of owning my own business. Because of this class, I started doing product research and trying to determine what I could sell on Amazon. I found it, I ordered it, and I’m now waiting to receive it. I never want to go back to the 9-5; I want to change my family’s trajectory.”

Kaleigh Cheslock

Hebeccah Zuanazzi Testimonial

What AMZ Millionaire members are saying...

“Chris and Jamie will not hold back information. They will share everything they’ve learned through years of experience. They’ve learned things the hard way, so we don’t have to. This is a great shortcut on how to start your Amazon business very quickly.”

Hebeccah Zuanazzi

Start building your Amazon business right now for just $1,997 $97!

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Chris’s actual sales numbers.

“You are only one sale away from changing your life forever.”

- Chris Graebe

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Don't let them hold you back.

Will I get lifetime access to the course?

Yes! You’ll have lifetime access to the course and any new material we create or update along the way (important, because social media ad platforms and rules are always changing!).

Are there any materials that will help me follow along to the videos?

Yes! Each course comes with a printable PDF study guide to help you get the most out of every class.
View a sample page from a Study Guide here.

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What is the mastermind group?

The mastermind group is a private community where members can ask Chris and Jamie questions in the group or during live monthly coaching calls, and crowdsource ideas from their fellow Amazon entrepreneurs. It’s a vibrant community full of insights, support, and inspiration. This group is now included for life for free!

How much does it cost to become an Amazon entrepreneur?

It depends on what your first product is. To be safe, Jamie and Chris usually recommend about $5,000, but it is possible to start a selling for less than that if you’re very tactical.

Isn’t Amazon full of people selling already?

Yes, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more room for you! Actually, one of the things we look for when we’re selecting our products is a healthy amount of vendors with comparable items.

Get started right now for just $1,997 $97.