StartupCamp 2018 Year In Review (New Courses, Free Guides, And More!)

As we step into 2019, we want to look back at all the exciting new developments at StartupCamp and to show our appreciation for the people who helped us grow.

2018 was a big year for StartupCamp and our community of entrepreneurs. We launched new courses, developed new training guides, pumped out articles and podcasts, and brought on a gaggle of talented people to help you achieve your business goals and live your fullest, freest life.

If you’re new to Camp, or if you simply want a refresher on all the new material we’ve created to help you win, check out the full list of most popular content, courses, and guides in the article beneath the graphic.

This year has been transformative for us, but we know it’s been even bigger for all the new entrepreneurs who have found the courage to pursue their dreams and start their own businesses. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2019.

2018 has been an incredible year, and we expect 2019 to be even bigger as we continue to provide our community with the trainings and tools they need to build successful businesses and transform their lives.

New Courses, Tutorials, and Guides

2018 marked a number of huge turning points for StartupCamp. For one thing, it was the first year we added new courses to our line up.

We realized that the best way we could serve our community was to provide training materials tailored to the kinds of businesses they wanted to start. That means full courses, tutorials, and guides that help you take advantage of the smartest digital tools and strategies. We dove headfirst into this strategy, rolling out three new courses in the last half of 2018.

The original StartupCamp course, revamped and renamed Business Bootcamp, still has a very important place in our lineup. It’s the best training for entrepreneurs looking to start a diverse array of businesses. By our reckoning, many aspiring entrepreneurs know they want to start a business and are looking for the best model to follow.

Enter AMZ Millionaire Blueprint, the first new course on our roster. Led by me and my business partner, Jamie Vie, this course teaches entrepreneurs how to take advantage of the massive ecosystem of opportunities that is If you’re looking to set up passive income streams or build a million-dollar eCommerce business, look no further than AMZ Millionaire Blueprint.

Our second new course, Develope, is designed to help aspiring photographers hone their craft and take their business to the next level. Develope Coaches Jennefer Wilson and Charla Storey take their students through every step of the process from posing to social media. Whether you are a photography enthusiast who wants to turn your passion into your profession, or a professional photographer looking to grow your business, Develope will show you the way.

Our third and final new course of 2018 is Shopify Freedom Formula, the brainchild of Shopify wizard Connor Shelefontiuk. In the past two years, Connor has built 11 ultra-profitable businesses and made over $4 million. In Shopify Freedom Formula, he’s teaching his students to replicate his success and carve out their niche using ultra-targeted social media ads and the power of Shopify.

We’ve already run the Beta Course of Shopify Freedom Formula, but keep your eyes peeled for the official launch of the evergreen course on January 4!

In addition to full courses, we’ve also been creating free and mini-course materials to help newcomers find their footing as entrepreneurs.

For entrepreneurs stuck in the idea phase, we created Small Business Accelerator, a 3-part mini course designed to help you perfect your idea and cruise through the planning stages.

If you want to know what it takes to be an entrepreneur, you’ve got to check out our free eBook, Start Smart: 7 Lessons You Must Learn Before You Start A Business, written by our founder, Dale Partridge.

Finally, we’re launching two new free mini-courses, Amazon Impact and Shopify Toolkit, in early January of 2017. Stay tuned!

New Faces

But all those new courses were only part of the changes happening at StartupCamp HQ. Behind the scenes, were were bringing on some very talented new people and building out our leadership team. And I guess that’s where I come in…

I’m sure you know me by now, but if this is our first introduction, it’s a pleasure. My name is Chris Graebe and I’m the new CEO of StartupCamp and host of The StartupCamp Podcast. Before I came to StartupCamp, I started a million-dollar business selling on Amazon. Actually, that’s how I found my way to StartupCamp. I am one of the coaches for AMZ Millionaire Blueprint. Selling on Amazon changed my life and the lives of my family, and I want to share the success with other entrepreneurs. I believe deeply that StartupCamp is the best way to make that happen.

Let me introduce you to the rest of the team:

Jamie Vie is a fellow Amazon entrepreneur and coach of AMZ Millionaire Blueprint. He’s a lifelong businessman who (like me) built a thriving Amazon business on nights and weekends. His passion is now to mentor others in their pursuit of freedom through entrepreneurship.

Jennefer Wilson has ten years of photography experience and a passion for of helping people be seen for who they truly are. She’s one of the coaches and co-leaders of Develope, where she’s showing her students how the craft of photography can touch someone’s spirit. Jenn is here to help you learn to do what you love, stay hungry, and thrive.

Charla Storey is the other coach and co-leader of Develope. She also has a decade of photography under her belt and moved into photography education to empower others to succeed in a career that not only enriches their life but leaves legacies for those they have the honor of photographing.

Ben Sturgill is not technically a “new” face at StartupCamp, since he started in Operations with the company in 2017. However, 2018 saw him move into a new role as CMO. He’s also the host of StartupCamp Stories, where he’s interviewing successful entrepreneurs just like you. We’re all excited to see what Ben can accomplish in 2019.

Connor Shelefontiuk might be one of the most impressive guys you’ll ever meet. In the past two years, he’s started 11 profitable Shopify businesses and made over $4 million. Now, he’s the coach and leader of <<Shopify Freedom Formula>>, where he’s teaching his students to replicate his success.


Our Most Popular Content

2018 was an exciting year for content, as we brought on new contributors to the blog and launched two new podcasts, The StartupCamp Podcast (hosted by yours truly), and StartupCamp Stories, hosted by Ben Sturgill.

On the podcast front, our most popular episodes were:

On the article front, our most popular articles include:


What’s On Tap for 2019

We’ve had our hands full creating courses, guides, and content, but we know it’s been an even bigger year for you, our community. We have loved watching as you launched your eCommerce companies, opened your own studios, and achieved personal and financial independence.

Thank you for keeping us posted over Facebook, Instagram, email, and comments on articles like these.

Our passion is helping you learn, grow, and prosper, and we have big plans in 2019 to serve you even better. We hope you stay with us for the ride.

Are there any courses or subjects you’d like to see in 2019? Let us know in the comment below!


Chris Graebe
Chris is CEO of StartupCamp, host of The StartupCamp Podcast, and an AMZ Millionaire Blueprint coach. He has started multiple businesses, from app development to a digital agency for Amazon sellers. Chris' mantra for life's curveballs is "It's all good". He lives in Texas with his wife and family of five, and all his friends call him "Graebe". Follow him on Instagram @chrisgraebe


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