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Providing entrepreneurs the fastest and easiest way to build a business from scratch

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What StartupCamp members are saying

Kaleigh Cheslock's Testimonial

"I’ve always had a dream of owning my own business. I never want to go back to the 9-5; I want to change my family trajectory. Because of this class, I started doing product research and trying to determine what I could sell on Amazon that could make me truly successful. I found it, I ordered it, and I’m now waiting to receive it."

Kaleigh Cheslock

Brian Tucker's Testimonial

"The insight and experience that Chris and Jamie bring to the table has been invaluable. I knew nothing coming into this, but with the way they broke down the class to understand all the different pieces of getting started has been an incredible wealth of information. They make me feel like I can conquer this thing and we can take our family to next level and really be able to accomplish our dreams and drive our income."

Brian Tucker

Jessica Monnich's Testimonial

"When we enrolled in StartupCamp our dream was just an idea. I was frozen and overwhelmed on where to begin. The private facebook group is invaluable. We have received real time help, advice and encouragement. Totally worth the investment!"

Jessica Monnich

Dan Savage's Testimonial

"Getting into the Shopify industry couldn’t be easier with this course. Anyone can do this with the video lessons, detailed walk-through tutorials, and a mastermind. My wife and I are planning to launch in just a couple months, get our store up and running while I finish my PhD, and build a sweet passive income stream that pays off student loans and allows us to adventure around the world."

Dan Savage

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